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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An Extraordinary experience is waiting - are you ready to take it?

It has been a while since I shared something here. But I havent had the need for sharing, there hasnt been thought stuck in my head or questions I need to answer or ask.
But I got this need now. So I am back with one more post.

I had the great experience to travel half around the world to attend a conference about the topic I want to work with in my career life. I spent all my savings, made plans and handed in an article which was published. When I came there I met great people, motivated and intelligent people working in the field I want to work in, either in business, NGO's or as academics. It was inspiring and challenging.
I loved it.

It was my first time attending one of these types of conferences, and I was so nervous when it was my turn to  speak, share my article and my thoughts around it and my view point about the topic. I havent been this stressed in a LONG time.
But what a rewarding experience. People enjoyed my thoughts and agreed in many cases. I got great feedback on my performance and I won the best paper for the research track. WHAT A START!
I came home, having met old friends, having gained new ones, and have some more and deeper experience in the field I am trying to build my career in. I cannot ask for anything more.

So why am I sharing this with you now?

Because I believe we do not dare enough. I think we are too comfortable in our bubble so we do not search for or allow great opportunities to pop up. With taking chances comes great results and I think many of us are missing out on these results, these experiences to make us better because we have it so nice in our daily lives.
So I wanted to share this, hoping that it might ignite some interest to go out and search for your opportunities, be in attending conferences, meeting valuable people, write articles, create a video, whatever it is that gets to to a better place in your life ... GO FOR IT!
What have you got to lose?
Money comes back (in most cases)
pride can be hurt but you'll get over it

I hope more of us start to be brave. As the Metal Singer Blaze Bayley sang so great - FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE!
Lets reach our extraordinary experiences!

- with love- 

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