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Saturday, June 28, 2008

one week almost....

......since I arrived in Rotterdam.

Last Wednesday my transition started and I met the WENA GN board team. Some I already knew and some I had never met before.
They day started of great - a lot of information, analysing and sharing was done. I knew a lot and still I needed more info about what WENA is doing, what is our contribution and what role should WENA actually play in the upcoming year.

The team is great. we had one evening of team bonding and you really got to know the people. I think that will help a lot when it comes to start working with them in the upcoming weeks. Man, I can not wait to start working.

there has been one thing that has been bothering me this week - and that is waking up at 7:30 local time. that means the time is 5:30 Icelandic time and that also ment I was tired all day long until maybe 15-16 local time. that's really bad when you have to have your focus and take in a lot of information.

now it's Saturday and I woke up at 9:00 to do laundry and just chill.
The Washing machine is still going, lets hope it will finish soon so I can go out and continue preparing for my role.

- with love-


nnugni said...

Hafðu það gott í Rotterdam esska!
Þetta er æðisleg it!!
Hvar býrðu í Rotterdam?
Ef þú vilt kaupa ódýrt á markaði...þá er alltaf markaður á miðvikudögum og laugardögum :)


annan said...

Tímamismunur, láttu mig þekkja það.
Svo fer allt í klessu aftur þegar þeir breyta yfir í vetrartíma.
P.s. ég er ekki að reyna að ofsækja þig, bara svo þú vitir ;)