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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rotterdam for the first time

Well guys.
I'm in sunny Rotterdam, sitting in the AI office and writing you this update.

Yesterday was the first day of my new adventure. I took a plane to Eindhoven and from there I was supposed to take a train to Rotterdam.
When I arrived and found the bus that goes to the trainstation I went by a statium where it said PSV.
This took my by surprise because I knew PSV Eindhoven soccer team but somehow never connected it with the Eindhoven where Icelandexpress is flying to.
Strange how you learn more about the place around you!

Then I managed to take the right train but carrying this heavy luggage was not a picknick. OMG how heavy it is. I somehow didn't realize, but that's because my dad had been carrying it all over before. ;)

So I arrived to Rotterdam and went straight to the AI office where I met people I know and met new people. It was a blast.
Then in the evening I was invited for AI team dinner - so I enjoyed their company even more.

Then I went to sleep - something I had been wanting to do since 18:00 GMT time - but that was not the plan for me :P

Now I'm back at AI office, and getting ready for my transition that starts tomorrow.

All the best
-with love-

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annan said...

Ohh við vorum greinilega í sömu stöðu þegar við fluttum erlendis. Ég var reyndar með 3 þungar töskur einhvern vegin bundnar saman og ferðalegið í lestinni hell.
Ég vona að þú sért bara að koma þér fyrir og hafir það rosalega gott.
P.s. það er greinilega ekkert rugl þegar það er talað um að fótbolti sé aðalmálið.