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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Imagine it - and live it!

These past few days a lot of things and issues have been crossing my mind. Future paths, education, love, life, family and much more.
I decided to take one of the issues I've been thinking about and discuss it with friends. Getting others perspectives helps me confirm my thoughts or even encourage me to challenge what I believe.
So I did.

The issue is imagination. the reason why this has been on my mind is because every now and then I hear people talk about imagine this and imagine that, and what is their ideal work, ideal partner, ideal life.
I completely agree that you have to have a lively imagination, otherwise how can you build dreams and visions of your life?
How can you figure out different ways to reach your goals?

But as everything, imagination can be too lively.
it can take over and hinder actions as well.

I have a very active imagination. I love imagining new senarios, what my life can look like, what I am capable of and I get what I want and need in life.
A day doesnt go by without me imagining something. and I love it. It motivates me, inspires and drives me.
But does it work the same way for everyone?

Do all people use their imagination like that?
The reason I ask this question is because I know people who dare to use their imagination. they have a very active one.
But they only imagine.
They do not act on it.
They do not use it to drive them, motivate them or inspire.
They get frustrated because their life is not as "good" as they imagine..
They get angry when they do not get what they want/need.

For these people, the imagination is not a positive force.
its hindering them to be what they want, who they are, and strive towards they are capable of.

That's why I wanted to discuss this with people.
What do people think about the value of imagination and the ability to imagine life, love, and career?
the answers are as diverse as people are diverse.

The phrase "its only in your imagination" is usually said with a bad meaning.
But does it have to be?

In my opinion, imagination is just one tool we were given to find our way in this life.
We just have to harnish it, direct it and use it wisely.
I, at least, am trying to.
And I enjoy it when it works.
You should try it as well!

-with love-

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