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Friday, May 20, 2011

is motivation always enough?

Have you realized that when you get motivated about one thing, your motivation for other things you have to do fades? Or is that just me?
I am working on my final paper and I am extremely interested in the topic but as more and more challenges arrive I start focusing on other things I'm passionate about. And my motivation for those things grows and gets me all excited. But my motivation for the final paper dissapears :(

Another thing that I see happening more and more with me is that I can only focus a short while on each project. If I try to stay to focused for a longer time I get restless and less productive than I could be.
I need to have many projects going on..
but that also means that it takes me longer time to finish what I have started... because I start so many things.

I believe I'm a very motivated person. I get highly motivated very easily, through arts, music, people, conversations, books and through much more. however, my drive to be productive is not as easily sparked.
I always thought motivation drives you - and I still believe that it can and will.
But it's not the only factor. I guess.
But what are then also part of driving productivity?

In my case, if I'm motivated but not organized I dont get things done.
I get easily distracted as I find so many other things interesting.

So what can I do to be better?
I know I can be better.
I know I can be productive and motivated and deliver on all the exciting projects I have started. But I also realize that I might need help getting to that point.
where do I start looking?

Well, if anyone out there can share some light - I would be very glad.
- with love -

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