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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Music makes the world go round - and all my feelings as well !!

Few times here I've written about the power of lyrics and music, how certain songs and their words can heal/refocus your thoughts, your feelings and your heart.
I have my own personal healing song, a song I listen to when I know I need to move on.. when I know I cannot stay in the mindset I'm in at that time.
And it works ALL THE TIME.
maybe that is because I know it is my healing song and when I listen to it in that purpose it just works.

but its not that often that the singer impacts me more than the lyrics.
However, I just had that experience tonight.
I was listening to a song I dont know sung by a person I have only heard few times sing and I could feel my happiness and love just flowing. It made me think about people I care about, it made me think of not being angry when there is no need - and the funny thing is that I dont know if the lyrics of the song were in any alignment with this or not.. I just heard this guy's voice and I got blown away.

I just wanted to share this with anyone who is reading.
Be open for empowerment, for inspiration, for guidance
Because it can come in any form, at any time when you least expect it.
And when it does come and you notice that it impacts you - listen to those feelings, listen to your motivations, listen to what this is telling you.. and follow it.

I know that I feel even happier now than I was before this song... my anger melted away and I'm so happy for that, because it was useless anger - but I couldnt see it until now - when certain emotions were woken in me.
And I appreciate it.
I hope you do too!!

-with love-

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