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Thursday, March 29, 2012

You are my special someone - let me be yours!

It is amazing how good people can make you feel and how special they can make you believe you are.

Everyone of us has the need to be cared for, need to feel loved, need to feel comfortable in our own skins, need to have smiles and intimite kisses once and a while.
Finding the people who make this happen for you is a blessing.
Do not take it for granted you will meet one easily.

Being a shy person, not so comfortable about myself in one way but super secure about my abilities in other areas, is a challenge.
Being totally comfortable with someone, allowing my guard to fall back a little, laughing, smiling, feeling ok by crying in front of that someone, is a rare feeling for me.
So when I've found it, I'll try my hardest to fight for it.
because that is what it takes.... fight!
Show appreciation, show that person the same respect, same love, same vulnerability to allow them to cry or laugh,
that is what makes life worth living, it makes the hard times worth it.
Because you have someone to share them with, someone who makes you feel better about you and your situations.

Who doesnt want that?
but do we all recognize it and fight for it when we have it?
I doubt it.
And that is what I fear, not fighting hard enough, not fighting fair enough and showing how much this person means to me!

By writing this, I wish you all to be open to this person. this one who makes you smile and be secure about who you are, no matter how you look like.
I wish you all to hold on to this person, because they dont come often..
I wish you to fight for them. Because if you dont, they'll leave.
Just as much as you need to feel the love, feel the security, feel the passion.. that person has the same needs as well.
Do them right just as they are doing you right.

That is my wish, for the coming days, months and even years..

-with love-

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