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Monday, October 13, 2008

Free Hugs - Free smiles :)

it's strange, I have lived in Paris for just a month now and when I was coming home from my travels I felt I was coming "home". I am surprised how short time it took to look at Paris as my home. I think it's because I like it here and I want to make this my home.

My travels made me realize how much I love to be in different cities, meeting new people and being random in my actions ( random in a good way ).
I started my travels by going to Bratislava to meet Janie. She took the time to show me around and I enjoyed it so much. I liked Bratislava and it's surroundings. I learnt a lot about the history from this region and how things are different then you actually thought they had been.

After my stay in Bratislava I went to Piestany - a smaller town in Slovakia where EuroCo 2008 was held.
This town is very cute, at least the small part I saw of the city.
I walked around, eating Ice Cream and really loving my life.

After 6 days in that lovely little town I went back to Bratislava but my stay there would not be so long since I decided to take a bus to Budapest, Hungary.
I staied there for 1 day, doing sightseeing with people that I really dont know that much. But it was so much fun, and I feel like I'm stepping outside my comfort zone by interacting with people in higher level then just "hi how are you face".
Thanks Anula for hosting me in your lovely city :)

After Budapest my travels took my to Vienna, Austria.
That city impressed me so much. I had the best time there and I only staied there for 3 hours.
My and Vishal, MCP of AIESEC Belgium were there for short sight seeing and we found a group of people giving Free hugs to people walking by.
It was so interesting since I just saw a short movie at EuroCo about Free Hugs and how they can make people smile.
So me and Vishal got a free Hug and then we decided to participate as well, so we created our own "FREE HUGS" sign.
I have to admit that giving hugs to random strangers would not be something I had done few years back. But now, I feel I'm becoming a stronger individual that wants to spread smiles amongst the people around me.

So now I'm back in Paris, my home.
Thinking back at this travel, this experience with a smile.
And I'm so happy with my life, my friends and the people interacting with me on daily basis.
I'm so happy!´
-with love-

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Auður said...

ohh, það er svo gaman að heyra hvað þú ert að njóta þín og hvað þú ert ánægð!!
pant free hug á morgun, ég lofa að brosa...