Life is full of questions - I dare to ask them and hope for answers.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

wondering about life and love

It's strange how few small things can influence you and how you feel more then expected.

there is one aspect in my life that just seem to never want to work out. Maybe i'm not open enough for that to happen? Maybe I am scared of being hurt or being the one that hurt others?
So I question this thing - Love life - What the hell is that, and how should I make that work?

I know this is silly things to be thinking when I'm sitting in a 3 and a half star hotel in Slovakia with around 200 people from all Europe and Canada coming together to enhance their leadership skills and be prepared for their term ahead.
But still this comes to mind.

but my stay here in Slovakia has not been only about reflecting on this word.
It's also been about delivering on my promises, involving externals to AIESEC and showing them how benefitial it is to work with AIESECers.
I promised something.
Now it's up to me to walk the talk.
I look forward to it.
It's starting tonight. Tonight I feel like my work is about to take new turn, new twist to the better. More excitment, more challenging, more rewarding.
I'm seeing the first results of my work.
How cool is that?

So far I feel good. I feel ready.
- with Love -


Ira said...

euroco is the amazengest conference ever :) almost like IPM :)
and I am more than sure you will deliver what you have promised and even more :) and thanks fro helping the lost in visa process colleague from the east :)
many hugs,

annan said...

You'll knock them dead.
ps. láttu mig vita ef þú finnur formúluna fyrir þessu love life sem fólk talar um.
Sjáumst eftir 10 daga!!!