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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

when the heavens are crying

The other day I had a dream about my grandfather, but he passed away last July.
He looked so happy with constant smile on his face, enjoying his time with the family ( in the dream ) and I remember how peaceful I felt when I woke up.

Today is the day when you honor the people that have passed away, those people that ment the world to you and you cherish every moment you had with when they were alive.

I knew about this day but I didn't connect it with my dreams of my grandfather.
Now I see that this was my way to connect, to honor, to remember.
Share my dream with him, laugh together, smile together and share random jokes like old times.

When I was told about this day, honor those who have passed away, I didn't really understand why.
But as the day comes closer and I reconnect with my grandfather, I understand completely. I understand that it's about honoring the life of that person, honoring their impact they had on you and to strengthen your ties with that person.
This day makes so much sense to me now.

I know my grandfather is happy with how strong I am, the life I'm living and the way I treat and respect people around me.
But I also know that he's happy knowing that I remember, honor and respect him.

When I was walking to the office today it rained heavily and a sentance came to my mind in Icelandic... Himnarnir GrĂ¡ta ( the heavens are weaping ) and the reason again is the concept of today.
We feel sad when people leave us, that we will not have more time, moments, jokes and laughter with that individual.
It's not the fact that it's raining that I connect with the concept.. but it's the feeling I get when it's stopped raining. That feeling is of new beginning.. fresh breath and green grass..
That is what I connect with today.
Knowing that life is not forever.. make every moment a fresh breath of air in your life so that you enjoy your path you're taking.

I'm smiling as I write this.. knowing that this post is a little chaotic, little unclear and little strange.
But it makes complete sense to me.
- with love -