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Thursday, November 27, 2008

life and randomness

I'm sitting at the the AIESEC Office for Central and Eastern Europe and my mind is going everywhere it shouldn't be :)
Meaning, not in the mood to work.

I have been in Budapest for week now, I like it here and me and JuanCa are having fun ( at least I am ;) )
This time in Budapest has really been taking me out of my comfort zone in more than one way..
But I like it. I like to be challenged, being forced to face fears and being uncomfortable and not take things to seriously.

I have been watching "sex and the city" in Budapest and I have to admit I sometimes admire those women - they're so not afraid, they are daring and sexy but still vulnerable and sensitive.
Why can I not be like this?
Why can I not just take a chance and hope for the best - if not then HEY at least I tried..
Not only with men, but just in every aspect of my life!

But one step at a time right?
I'm still working on the "No excuses" one..
and it's going quite well... :) at least I'm smiling and enjoying my work.

I will be in Budapest for the weekend.. partying like Crazy in the second Porn capital in the world ( what ever that means ) and then be heading to Prague next monday.!!
Life's good.
- with love -

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Freyja said...

Hljómar eins og þú sérð að skemmta þér! Mitt skref út úr þægindahringnum reyndist líka vera afskaplega skemmtilegt :)