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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

one more travel - start of something more?

Yesterday I was down..
But honestly.. these past days/weeks I have been down. I dont want to go to work, I dont feel like I'm getting anything out of this work. Like I used to.
Talking to Gunga, she mentioned that when I was selected.. I was so excited, so happy and so much looking forward to this great experience...
Well, it has been very different and not as great as I expected..
But life goes on right?

Yesterday I decided not to make excuses.. so today I started trying to enjoy the work.
So far, it's only up to 40% enjoyment. I would say..

But why did I wanted to share with you today?
Just the fact that I want to make this year a great year, at least with the people I'm working with.. I want to have great friends from this year.

Tomorrow I'm going to Budapest, for a Career in Europe Event.. Super excited.
I want to make this a start of more motivated time in my term.. Make sure I come back to Paris with a smile. :)

- Just a disclamer.. I love Paris and the people here.
I'm not demotivated around them :)

So I'm off.. another travel, another country and hopefully another great experience.

- with love -


Vija said...

Hey dear! I just popped by your blog and read a post that was just in time. I guess it was meant to come! Thanks, and I am sure thing are going to get better for you.
This a song that I listen to now:

Enjoy Budapest!

Margret B said...

miss u :*