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Monday, November 17, 2008

Unhappy and wanting some more....

listen to music as reading the post!!

These days, I dont feel inspired..
Not to write my blog, not to do my work, not to go out and see paris - I feel like I have seen almost everything there is ( in a turist kind a must see )

Last weekend I went to Evry, a subburb of Paris for an AIESEC conference.
It was such a great time for me.
Reconnecting with new members who just joined AIESEC, they are getting the spirit and giving it back to me.
It made me realize that I'm not enjoying my time as much as I should be on Regional level. My passion is for "on the ground" work.. where actions actually happen. ;)

It's not that I dont like my role.. I just dont LOVE it.
Mainly because of how unclear things have been, it's demotivating and I dont like it.
I knew that when I took on this role of WENA ER coordinator, things were not so clear, I would work alone a lot and be part of a virtual team.
But never in a long time would I have taken this role - or any role - knowing that I might not know where to stay in 14 days time, not getting any answers for my questions, having money problems and no answers ( that's not only due to the Role ).

But I'm finished complaining..
I'm not going to give more excuses.. people have managed to live one year in a role they dont really enjoy - I just have to deliver on my measurables, make some money for the Region and then look at the next steps.
I am looking forward to that.

Tomorrow will be a new day with new thoughts, new opportunties to make things happen.
And I will keep on thinking on my deliverables
and my next steps.
I look forward to a Christmas holiday :)
- with love -

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