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Monday, November 24, 2008

My loved ones.. my family :)

When I have hard times, tough times and disappointing times I always look to my family for support and happiness.
These passed few weeks I have come to understand how big value my family is in my life.. I always knew they were important to me.. but now I see, Family is one of my core values.

I dont think I would have been such a strong individual without a strong family. :)
Thanks for everything..

This week has been all about getting my motivation back, getting great news and feeling ready to start smiling again.
Budapest is surely a city I enjoy visiting.
It's one of the most Beautiful cities I have been to.

I went to Careers in Europe ( )
and it really made me enjoy my role, my responsibility and I enjoyed getting to communicate AIESEC to companies that showed interest and passion.
I have been smiling for a 4 days now.. It feels so good :)

I keep thinking about what I wrote last week - I will not give any excuses.. No more.
If I dont get answers, I will go on anyway.
If people dissagree, I take their feedback and go on anyway.
If I get no results, I check why, smile and go on anyway.
I will not give excuses :)

- with love -

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