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Saturday, November 29, 2008

How old are you anyway?

This post was written last night!!

What is wrong with me?
I’m twenty five years old, I’m currently living in Paris and I travel all over Europe, I have great friends but still I prefer to stay at home, reading, watching DVD or sleep when I should be out there, partying and enjoying my youth.

Today is Friday, people all over are meeting, drinking, dancing and partying.
What do I do?
I stay at home and watch sex and the city.
Dont get me wrong – I’m learning a lot from those TV shows, something that I think was about time for me to learn. ;)
But I can not stop thinking about why I prefer to take it easy then go out and go crazy.

Tomorrow will be Saturday ( duh ) and I have promised myself and JuanCa that we will go out. We can not stay inside for the whole weekend, no matter how nice it is to sit with your cover and watch great TV shows and now have to really put yourself out there, meeting new people and having some real fun.

As I sit and write this, I want to go out.. I just dont have the energy to stand up, get dresses ( yes I’m in my pajamas ) and find a cool place to hang out. Maybe because I dont know this place, dont know the people and it would take more efford from my side then usually back home in Iceland. Same with Paris, I dont know the places, I do know the people though.
The thing is, with right people and the right atmosphere set early I’m all up for having fun, going out, meeting new people and all that s**t.
But when I have already gotten home, into my pajamas there is not much that can attract me out of them to my party clothes and get me to wear my shoes and walk out the door.

Well, I will have to see if I honor the promise I made to myself tonight.
I will of course do my best,
But I know myself, I know how much I love to relax and unwind, watching a great DVD and then go to sleep.
Am I getting older then I actually am? Am I an old soul that just doesn’t have the energy to do young stuff anymore?
We’ll see tomorrow :p

- with love and affection -


Ira said...

I am 27 and I like spending time on my own as well... People are different you know :) And this doesn't have to do anything with your age :)

Disa Skvisa said...

I'm very glad to hear that Ira :) very glad ;)

Lisa Marie said...

I'm like that too... would much rather snuggle up under the covers and watch something in my bed than go out!!! In fact I can't even remember the last tinme I went downtown but I didn't enjoy it... if people enjoy going out, they should, if they enjoy staying home, they should... enjoy being you!! :-)