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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

happy as a hippo?

as I have mentioned here before - even though I dont blog things are still running crazy around in my head. This is no exeption!

In just few days a new chapter in my life will start and I'm getting so excited about it. It's a chapter I chose for myself with a lot of thinking and soulsearching.
And It's almost here.

A new chapter which includes both a new challenge in educaion as well to move and adapt to a new country, new environment, new culture.
I'm ready.

I had a very interesing talks with two friends, Lyuba and Hildur, the other day.
We meet to talk about how to find the paths we want to take in life, choices and action steps towards personal development.
I realized I have many ways to work, may good and some not so good. I like sharing my experience and find out options for friends to gain a valuable experiences, finding themselves and be happy - whatever happiness means to them!

What is happiness?
I believe 2 people have exactly the same deffinition on what happiness is for them.
and maybe due to that people question the fact they will ever find happiness.
My opinion is this,
You have to understand who you are and what makes you happy, what is happiness to you!
Without this basic understanding of you, you are running wildly tryig to catch something that might not even be valuable for you.
But I dont think people realize that happiness can be different from one person to the next.

I am one step closer to fully understand what happiness is to me.
At this point in life I am as happy as I can be, with he understanding that I have of myself.

-with love-

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