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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Smiles and joy brought by the spring - finally!

The other day I was walking home after saying goodbye to a dear friend. I was listening to nice songs by Ourlives in the iPod and as I was walking my street back to my apartment I cought myself smiling. I was feeling happy and it was a feeling I hadn't felt in a long time.
It was so nice.
It felt like a scene from the movies as the perfect music was playing and I realized that I'm so lucky.
I have great friends, amazing family, I live in a great city and it's spring time. What more can I ask for.
So I smiled.
And I felt good.

Its strange how low you can get, feeling sad and homesick, needing some people around but still not feeling too sociable. I hate when I sink to that level. It's so energy draining and I just feel emty.
But the beauty of it is how little it actually take to get back to my normal self. great conversations with friends, smiles from family members, nice words from people around and being part of people's happiness. That's the best step in crawling from my own misery.
When I start feeling happy again, I notice that life is good.. although not everything is as perfect as it could be.. I'm a lucky girl.
I need to remember it.
I need to share it.
I need to embrace it.

So as I still work through my feelings I try to smile more, I try to engage in conversations more, being more social and just loving life and spring in Copenhagen.

I hope everyone finds their way out of misery, because everyone deals with misery at some time in their lives.
It's the path to happiness that is worth it all.

- with love -

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