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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's the end of the month - Again :)

Today is the last day of September and I wonder where time goes?
It feels like only 2 weeks since I left Iceland, saying goodbye to my parents ( again - it doesn't get easier the often you do it ).

Tomorrow is the first day of October, month that somehow I feel like I have never liked so much, it's a rainy month, gray and lifeless - somehow.
I know it's not true but when I think about this month, these feelings come up.

Somehow I look at this October differently.
I see joy, I see colors ( still a little grayish but colors nevertheless) and I see people, friends and AIESECers.
This October I'm going to Slovakia for the first time - YEAH. I will be going to a conference, EuroCo and meeting coworkers, friends and the leaders on local levels in Europe.
But I will also meet a dear friend - Janie - again after a long time.
Thats special and I can not wait to meet her. :)

In October I'm also going to Denmark. The main reason is to meet my best friends there, go to concert and do some work as well.

In the end of October I'm going to a conference here in Paris on the topic of CSR, something that I'm very interested in.

So October is not looking so lifeless anymore. I'm actually happy to embrace this month with open arms and gladly take on the moments he has to offer ( he - the month ;) )

And to share with you this joy, I want to give you the link to the last pictures of my travels to Brazil.
Enjoy as much as I did :)

- with love -

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Margr├ęt B said...

Looking forward to meet you in Copenhagen ;)