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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

another city, another experience :)

I’m sitting at the bus station in Budapest, waiting for the bus to come and take me to Prague.
There is a huge christmas tree standing in front of me, with lights, blue orniments and small gifts hanging on waiting to be opened ( no, I dont think they are real but one can hope ;) )
In my ears christmas music is playing. This time it’s my choosing and not just random christmas songs played around the city. I made my playlist on my ipod with the point to get my into christmas mood.

2 weeks already in Budapest and I’m missing Paris.
Last night me and JuanCa watched the last episodes of Sex and the city and they two last ones happen in Paris.
I really felt this was my city, my home. It was strange but nice feeling. I have two homes in my heart, Iceland and Paris. How rich am I? 

Although Prague is a very nice city I can not wait to get back to Paris, back home.
I am ready to be in my environment and feel comfortable.
Two weeks is long time to be out of your home.

But there are 17 days until I get to Iceland, my other home. 17 days. This is proof that time flies fast, even if you are not having fun, you feel sad, you feel happy and excited. Time flies fast because you are living your life as well as you can and you take each situation as it comes, with no excuse. That’s why I’m going home in 17 days, because I try to smile to the world and take things as they come.

Now, there are is a whole new day and I’m still writing this blog. Currently I’m in Prague, one of my favorite cities I have travelled to.
The bus ride from Budapest to Prague took me 7 hours.. 7 hours and three countries later I am sitting in another room, with another persons cover and getting ready to sleep in a nother city that’s not my city.

So now, after my long long bus ride, metro ride without paying and walking to the flat I’m staying at, I keep laughing and enjoying my time. But I’m very much ready to get some sleep.
So that’s it folks, good night sleep tight.

P.s. happy birthday to all those dear people in my life that have their birthday on December 2nd and 3rd 

- with love -

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Auður said...

knús á þig, hlakka til að sjá þig heima :)