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Monday, December 15, 2008

2 kinds of experiences - good and not so good!

Living in Paris means you have to become cultural aware, knowing your art, poets, artists, singers and more things then I can possibly mention here.
People that know me know that I'm not very arty farty person, but I do like to enrichen my life with new things, old things in some cases, and learn new things.

This weekend I took the time to go and visit one of many museums here in Paris, Musée d'Orsay and what was most interesting for me was seeing all those famous names I have heard about and putting art with the name. ( some people need face to a name - I need art to a name :p )

There was an exibition about Picasso and the picture that inspired him in one of his series of pictures.
The artist that inspired Picasso is Manet and story of his picture was very interesting.
I completely understand why the picture was so inspiring for Picasso - But I on the other hand didn't really like Picasso pictures.
I know it's a sin to say - but I honestly didnt.

So now, I feel more enriched after seeing paintings after famous artists, reading about Pastel period in the art and even shopped in an art store.

But there was one thing that kind a shock me to the core when I was waiting for entering the museum..
I had to wait outside, in rain and cold and when we found out the reason I got angry and a little shocked.
It appeard that someone left their bagage unattended at the lobby of the museum.
For security reasons the bagage had to be checked for bomb.
But no danger, thank God.
So that was also an experience for me - an experience I didn't really want to have. :s

So I continue to have an interesting experience here in Paris.
-with love-


Freyja said...

Þú verður að fara á Picasso safnið í Barcelona... það er með skemmtilegri söfnum sem ég hef komið á! Maðurinn er með bullandi húmor... og það frekar sóðalegan!

Disa Skvisa said...

Já, ég held ég verði að gera það.. Núna er ég tilbúin að skoða listaverk og reyna að njóta :)