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Saturday, December 6, 2008

When life becomes to much something

I'm back home in Paris after two weeks in Budapest and 1 day in Prague.
I was so releaved when I lended at Orly airport and I was so happy to take the airport shuttle to the train that should take me to paris.
So I waited and waited and waited a little more for the train to come and take me to Paris and for an hour it didn't show up.
People started piling up, getting frustrated and annoyed by waiting so long.

Then the train came.
OMG. People ran to the train and squeezed themselves in. The cabin was so ful that I almost had a complete stranger in my arms. :s
Ok. I can live with this, people of course wanted to get the train and get early to Paris.
But what I didn't like was the way people behaved during the train ride. People really bacame rude, selfish and in some cases angry.
When the train stopped and people had to go out, there was no other way the PUSH everyone out of your way, even if that ment to push them into someone else, hurting them or what not.
I was lucky that the stop before mine was the biggest stop, so when i had to leave the train with my luggage, I didnt have to push to much and hurt people.
So this was my welcome back to Paris.
Like I said.. Oh my God!

Last night I saw a movie called two lovers. It was an interesting movie, one that left alot of questions and thoughts in my head.
the movie is about a man how has two women in his life, one that wants to be there as a lover and the other who wants to be there as a friend.
I have come to realize that human nature is very screwed up when it comes to love, feelings and life's choices.
The guy fell in love with the one who wanted only to be his friend, a person he was not able to have in a way.
Isn't that what happens in real life?
people want the things/people they can not have and they dont rest until they either do have them or they collapse trying to become this individual they think would attract that person/thing.

On the other hand, he lead the other girl on,kept her as a safety net to be sure he would have someone.
But when the other girl showed interest he was quick to leave the safe choice and go for what he "truely wanted".
Is that also something we do?
We create our safety nets of people, environment and things to make sure we dont end up with nothing and we drop everything when the " right thing" comes along!

I dont know.
This was just some things that were left in my head when I walked out of the movie theater yesterday.

but as I left the teahter and walked on Champs-Élysées, the fashion street of Paris, I felt happy to be back.
Paris surely is a christmas city so we belong were well together.

So this will be the end of these thoughts.
-with love-

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