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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time for thoughts..

Dear friends and family who read this thing..
Have a happy holidays and enjoy this time with the people you love.

so now I have been home for more then a week already and its been amazing.
I sometimes sit, look at my family and friends, and I feel so blessed that I managed to get home to spend this family holiday in Iceland with the people that mean the most to me.
I feel time flies way to fast, it's too soon until I have to board a plane and fly of to London and then to Paris.

When I flew back home I had this strange feeling of releaf, I am finally back to place where I feel good about me, no AIESEC and more then ever, no logical problems and problems with few people.
I have been not doing so great my few weeks in Paris, why I dont think I will share here.

So what I will be doing after new years is think through my role, my wishes, what I want to be doing, how can I become happy and where can I do the most good for my country, my family and is that by being in the role I'm in now.
So my thoughts will be, should I continue being the WENA ER Coordinator when the new year is here?

I will take the time off between Christmas and New Years to be with family and meet people I havent seen in a long time.
Then new year will be my thinking time :)

-with love-

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