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Sunday, December 21, 2008

constant learnings, big and small

It's strange how you just accept few things like they are, how they have been and asume they will be the same until discussed and then you accept the changes.

But it's hard to take the changes when they haven't been discussed. It can be very hard when the changes crawl up on you when you are not expecting.

My lesson today is do not assume anything.

I've been having very interesting conversations lately with random people here and there and it has made me realize many things about me and my future, what I want to do, where I want to contribute and how I can actually contribute since i want to be in Iceland.
There is a lot of things to change, to make better and build from scratch.

So now I need to learn not to asume anything, even though things have been one way for a long time.
And I have to start thinking about what makes me happy, how I can be smiling and enjoying my time.
I can not waist more time, more feelings, more tears..
- with love-

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yatakuyakuya said...

Hey Gal, I have the same feeling with you a month after I got back from KL-Malaysia and sometimes till now :)
Keep your head up and you will be ok,
it just another part of your life phase and you have to go through it on order to become stronger and more mature :)

Hugs...Miss you :)