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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My journey Home :)

I'm currently sitting at the office, just finished talking to my parents and now I have this butterfly feeling in my stomach.
I'm going home.

after 4 months out of my home, exploring other countries and cultures I'm finally heading back.
Back to a country that I have admired for so long but at the moment I have mixed feelings about.
I'm going home to my family and friends, people that make me smile and will make the christmas holiday worth the trip to Iceland.
I'm heading back home.

I have been waiting for this day for months now.
I do need this time to reajust, pick up my motivation and start thinking positively again.
I need my people, my culture, my christmas habits.

It's funny how some habits stick with you.
Since before I was 17 years old I have always made my own Christmas cards and set to my friends.
This year it had to be something different since I dont have the time nor the resources to make my own.
But I still can not imagine my christmas time without writing lovely messages to friends and send cards.
It's special for me.
This year will also be special for my friends, they will recieve piece of my new life - French Christmas cards :)

My travel home starts tomorrow morning.
I dont think I will sleep much, since I haven't been sleeping much these passed few nights as well.
I look forward to London, times with friends and sightseeing
And then being welcomed by my homecountry..
What a lovely start of Christmas :)

-with love-

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