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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Passionate all over again!

Still no job in sight, my money are running low but my moral hasn't been so high in a long time.
I'm enjoying life, going sea swimming, working with passion for my newest project and making sure AIESEC in Iceland is draining my knowledge ;). Love it!

Few days ago a friend of mine told me that my blog has been all about whining and it's true. Although hearing it was strange I dont regret posting any of the thoughts. But it made me conscious of posting now about the positive things happening in my life.
It also made me think that now I'm so much happier then I was one month ago.

I feel reconnected with the former, happy me and I feel more passionate about others as well as issues in my environment. I'm actually caring.
And with care comes smile and satisfaction. At least with me.

I dont have much more to say so I'm not going to drag this text out too long.
I'm just happy to be my "old self again" and doing something worth doing, something that I'm passionate about!

- with love -

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Gorjan said...

Great to hear you're having a good time! :)

I made a little collection of entrepreneurial texts, hope you can use some of them: