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Friday, June 12, 2009

Happiness flowing around

It's been a long time since I actually wanted to write something down, open up and share.
These past days I have been more positive and normally, I smile more and love being around the people in my life.
I mentioned this to my mom the other day and she completely agreed with me. I behave happier :)

One of the things that made me realize this is the fact that no matter where I go I get great service and smiles from people.

I believe in karma, the law of "what goes around, comes around".
I like to talk to happy people, so if I'm sending out positive vibes I hopefully get positive reactions from people.

Life is good and I'm grabbing all opportunities to learn more, meet my friends and make sure I keep on smiling.
If I connect today's feelings to previous post, I still have a crush, but I'm enjoying it. I have decided "whatever happens is the right thing to happen!"
Potentially that is also influencing my happiness level.

Next few days look exciting, they look busy and challenging and I'm glad.
My mom says I'm the most busiest unemployment person she knows ;)
That's good!
I dont want to relax too much just because I dont have a job yet. That is no excuse.

So, now it's all power forward with new task, new potential job, team building and parties.
And of course making sure I stay happy :)

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