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Sunday, June 28, 2009

One yes towards a good experience!

June is about to end and I feel like it started yesterday. Time has flied so fast and when I look back I see why it has gone so fast. I'm working, working and keeping busy after work as well.
No relaxation for me! ;)

This weekend I went out of my comfort zone a bit. Not by doing something different then I'm used to but saying yes when I feel like saying no!
But I'm so glad I said yes in both occasions.

Both occasions gave me something, I met new people and had amazing fun.
When I think back, that's so priceless and I was just one NO away from not experiencing it!
How sad would that have been.

But today is a beginning of a new week with work and new challenges.
I was going to relax this weekend, but that somehow went out of the window.
Relaxation is needed.. I will try to get some today!
Lets see how that goes.
I hope for it.

-with love-

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