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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

still looking for creation

The holiday season is half way through, the new year is around the corner and life is sweet.
Time of family, love and fun is still around me and it makes me smile.

The thought of creation and expression is growing, hindering me in sleeping - the need is so strong. My mind can not stop wondering, thinking and analyzing the process, facts and tasks that needs to happen before.
I find it so interesting, I'm quite excited.

I look forward to the new year with all it's challenges, all it's opportunities and all it's learning that I intend to get.
2010 will be a challenging year.. I hope.. but one where I stand tall and take each challenge with a smile.
I have goals for 2010, I have ambitions and I look forward to organize myself, change myself and become even better.
2010 is my year, just as 2009 has been my year.. but just in even better way!

-with love-

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