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Saturday, February 27, 2010

being at home is good and bad

Now when February is ending it's still freezing cold in Denmark and signs of spring are far away.
It's been a cold winter, a unique winter. I hope next winter wont be so cold and snowy.

For few days there has been a little sunlight sparkling through the gray and dull clouds in Copenhagen. Even those little sparkles bring some warmth with them, they bring joy and even some smiles on people around me. Including myself.

This past week has both been good and full of not so good news for me.
It's interesting to realize how balanced life can be.
You win some - you learn some.
And yes, I choose learn instead of loose. As I dont believe you ever loose if you have the attitude of learning from challenges.

Not so good news bring me down, kindles a little homesickness and leaves me tired and frustrated.
Good news bring me back to life, soften my homesickness and increase motivation and happiness.
Weeks varies. happiness, sadness, smiles and frowns.
It happens for everyone.. it's those who actually make the bright side win over the darker, sader site.
I want to be one of those.
That's why I focus more on the good news, and plan on enjoying the city with my friends and family that are coming to visit me these next weeks.

Copenhagen is becoming a home. Home has good and bad times.
Good times with friends will make me feel at home.

- with love -

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