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Sunday, February 28, 2010

love - what does it mean to you?

Yesterday I went to the movies to see a movie called 'Precious'. It was a heartbreaking movie about an issue that for me seemed to be kept a secret but obviously is happening and people need to be aware.

It got me thinking of how good people have it and still complain. Of course some people complain and they have something to complain about. Those that have the most 'right' to complain leave it be.. due to some reasons. guilt, shame, anger... I do not know.

What was so hard for me, watching this movie, is the relationship between a mother and a daughter was a complete hell for both of them. The daughter never stood a chance.
How can you, as a parent, treat your flesh and blood like this?
even, how can you treat any person in your life like this?
Where does the selfishness comes from?

I know, I can be selfish, thinking of what's best for me but never until now have I taken any actions that would benefit me but hurt others. Not deliberately at least.

For me, the relationship with my parents is what makes me who I am today.
Their love, support, understanding...
their rules, their humour, their values.
And if/when I become a parent I hope I build a relationship with my child/children where they dont feel like the person in 'Precious'. They will never doubt my love and mistake selfishness and hurt as love on my behalf.
I will try to make sure that will never happen.
It shouldn't happen.

That's why this movie was an eye opener.. this is happening all over the world.
Children do not know love.
And believe that what is happening is what they deserve.
I am thankful for this movie in a sence it opened my eyes, it made me think of my values, my relationships and what I mean by love.
for that I'm grateful.
But man, oh man, was that a difficult movie to watch.

-with love-

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