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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day one is over - waiting for day 2 :)

Today is the first day for me in my role as WENA External Relations Coordinator. The first one WENA has and the one that will take ER as a focus for the GN this year. I'm so excited about this and I can not wait to start my planning.
But that will come after next weekend ;)

So, one week in Rotterdam so far and I'm feeling quite good. When I was about to leave I had in mind that the moving part might become so hard since I'm moving to a different country with role where no one has been in before and I have to shape the role according to me.
That is scary in a way - no safety and it's all up to you sort of.

But now when I'm walking the streets of Rotterdam I dont feel like I dont belong here. It feels good and it feels right. So the first week has not been as hard for me mentally as I thought it might be. I'm extremely satisfied with that.

Now I'm heading towards the second week as that one I am officially in a role and can start planning and making things happen.
Tomorrow I'm leaving with my team to Prague where we have WENA Presidents Meeting. I have been attending this meeting last 2 years as President so this will be a different angle for me and I'm ready for that.
I will hopefully enjoy this challenge, learn a lot and also see more clearly where my focus inside ER should be and how I can support the countries I should be working with.

Ali and Svetla, my MCVPs from 0607 will also be in prague at that same time so I'm crossing my fingers for me to be able to meet them. I miss them and I would LOVE to meet them, even just for hugs and kisses if we dont have time for more.
So lets see where life takes us :)

Now I'm going to sleep since I have to wake up and pack better in the morning :P
-with love-

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