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Saturday, July 12, 2008

sunday, bloody sunday

Today felt like Sunday to me. I woke up after this big party and I was even more tired then when I went to sleep :)

So today has been about resting, cleaning and watching TV. Like my average Sunday back home in Iceland hehe.

Last night was a big party with the current AI team and the GN Board members. People had fun, danced and drank. It was great party and the atmosphere was very positive. I had fun watching people, talking to people, and actually getting a little tipsy.

The party was at a very good time for me, I needed to bond with the GN board members and party with them. I also wanted to party with the current AI team because I might have very short time left with them and many people are very close friends.

So all’s good at that end.

So now I’m sitting in the bed, like I have been doing for most of the day. I’m feeling good, just had dinner made by a brazilian guy so that was a first. Now it’s up to me to cook for the guys here. :P

I’m gonna continue watching Desperate housewifes and then go to sleep. Since this day has been about doing nothing I want to make sure I use tomorrow wisely.

-with love-

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