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Monday, July 7, 2008

keep coming back for more

Well, it’s been some time since I wrote last time and many things have happend since then.

I’m getting more and more into the role that I have officially taken over since 1st July. It’s been a challenge since there was nobody in this role before me and it’s been hard to get everything started up.

On the 2nd July I left Rotterdam to visit Prague where we had WENA and CEE Presidents meeting. This was my 3rd presidents meeting I have attended but the first one as Non MCP :P that was very challenging as well as interesting. I enjoied it very much and I enjoyed learning more about where my focus should lie.

Prague is always amazing and it helped a lot to meet good friends. Ali and Svetla were both in Prague on the same time as I ended up there. It was so cool to meet Svetla after one and a half year. I met Ali in March but still it felt long time since I saw him.

So now I’m back, sitting at AI office and I should be working but I have already been very active today even though somehow I dont feel very comfortable. So now I’m in a need to feel comfortable and also have time to look at the next task I have to do. So I’m clearing my mind.

I have had a little homesickness feeling these last days. When I dont feel healthy I want to home, in my bed and just making sure I’m resting and getting my energy back. Here I dont feel I can do that.
I can not wait until I can settle down somewhere and make my own space.

So things are good, somedays are better then others. This one is one of the low points – but it will go up soon, I’m sure of that. As soon as I feel better ;)

So now I better clear my mind and start thinking about Regional Exchange partnerships for WENA and how we can benefit for those.

- with love -


Auður said...

Dugnaður í þér elskan mín! Þú ert alveg að brillera...

Erica Cleofe-Kononen said...

Whoa! WENA PM. Let the good times roll. :)