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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Knowing each other better

well.. then this week is almost over - or what? hehe

this week has been very good, finally I'm seeing some action steps to make to make ER blossom this year.. hehe
Last night the GN board members from WENA, CEE and Africa decided to take a road trip to Deen Haag. the main reason for the trip was the decision of two members to go Bungjy jumping. the rest of the people went with them to cheer them on in this scary process they were in.

We made it to the site very easily thanks to Vincent :)
Vincent and Juli jumped and had a blast if I understood them but then again they were still in a shock after this horrifying experience ;)

After the jump we sat down at the beach in Deen Haag, drank beer and ate chips. it was a very fun evening and the people got to know each other more and learned interesting things about each other.
When I crawled to bed at 01.00 I was happy with a good day :)

This weekend will be an interesting one as well since we are expecting over 150 people to arrive in Rotterdam for the AI transition Party.
people i have talked to say this is a crazy weekend... I'm very curious to find out.

Well that's it...
that I actually feel like sharing with you guys.
- with love -


Gunnfríður Katrín said...

Hæ hæ
ég vona að þessi helgi hafi staðið undir væntingum :)

annan said...

Hvað ekkert blogg um þessa rosahelgi??
Bíð spennt hérna megin.

Auður said...

Ég bíð bara með stelpunum...