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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The winner takes it all - and I'm a winner

Today is the last day in July, the weather is great and I'm sitting at my parents place listening to the Dark Knight theme from the new Batman movie.

Since last time I wrote, things have been up and down, mostly way down and lower then low. Life sometimes takes you there and you need support to get up again.

In times like these you not only find out who your friends are but you find out that your friends are chosen wisely without you knowing it really. real friends are there for a reason; to support you, have fun with, challenge your thoughts, grief with you, laught with you, smile and shake head when you say something silly or smart, be there when you need them, send you flowers in times when you need to know people care and in more ways that is possible for me to share here.

I know now that I chose my friends as wisely as I could. I'm proud of them, I'm thankful for them and they mean the world to me. My family and my friends - my life. :)

I'm getting better and better. now the music changed from the dark and heavy theme from Batman to ABBA music - the Dancing Queen.

People leave your life but it's up to you to make their memories alive. Now it's up to me to make the memories of my grandfather alive, make him proud of me and his family and support my family in hard times. That's my role today. I love that role but I still miss my grandfather. Of course.

I'm rich today, rich with family, friends, love, respect, experiences and faith. And I'm only going to get richer if I take care now.

Thank you to all those friends and family that have shown me this last days that I'm rich, thanks for your support and your thoughts.
It means everything to me.

Enough of this sentemental things...
- with love -

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Íris Thelma said...

Elsku besta Þórdís mín, ég samhryggist vegna afa þíns. Ég var bara að komast að þessu. Ég man þegar ég fór með þér í heimsókn til þeirra á háaleitisbrautinni, margar góðar minningar þaðan :)
Skilaðu samúðarkveðjum til fjölskyldu þinnar á þessum erfiðum tímum.