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Monday, July 14, 2008

Today is a big day. AIESEC International 0809 are presenting their plan for the coming year and its very interesting to hear and see what they think it the most important things to happen for the overall success of the organization.

People are all sitting around a whiteboard, listening carefully and giving feedback to the plan. I’m listening and thinking how this should support me in my role, how can I support the AI plan and how can we make sure that success will be visible in the end of our term.

As the last posted showed, my weekend was very relaxing.

On Sunday night I was invited to a dinner made by Li Zhen from Mainland China. The food was very delicious and something very new for me.
I had eggplant with beef and Tofu with VERY spicy beef souce thinghy. I really enjoied trying this new food ( for me ). So this weekend was very diverse in the way I had my dinners and I can not wait to try to share my culture with the people :)

Today I am one of few people responsible for team dinner, meaning that on Mondays to Thursdays there are some spesific teams that cooks for the rest of the team. This is a good way to keep the team spirit as well as to have cheap dinner made by people from all over the world. What more can you ask for :P

So this is going to be a new experience for me.

This week I want things to get clear. Things related to my accommodation, International Congress, Other responsibilities in the GN Board as well as what are people expecting from me as External Relations Coordinator.
So my focus this year will be in making my next days clear, making my year clear and making me feel better about this whole experience.
So lets see how this goes.

- with love -

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Erica Cleofe-Kononen said...

Who are actually in the wena board?