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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Every rose has it's thorns!

Oh man.
Today has been a very stressful day even though it shouldnt have been.
When I'm stressed somehow my mind closes up and I can not think about other things exept those that are bothering me... or stressing me.

So now, I do not know if on saturday I'm going half way around the world or not...
IC 2008 is held in Brazil and so far I'm not sure if I'm going or not.. and the conference start in less then 10 days. Actually the pre meeting starts on monday :S

So now you can understand where my frustration comes from that I blogged about last time.

for those who know me, I'm fairly organized person.. I mean I love to be flexible but this situation is making me feel uncomfortable.
I hope it will get clear soon. :)

I feel like this is supposed to be a learning for me, but I'm not seeing the lesson right now.
I just hope it will come soon so I can get over this and start more positive part of the role.
Actually getting some results.

Let's see how this goes.
- with love -

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Auður said...

júhú Brazil here you come!!