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Friday, August 15, 2008

Last day in Iceland - Again ;)

Today is the day.
It's not like the first time was easy, saying goodbye to my family. Today I have to do it again.

my frustrations are still there but they are diminishing by the day. I'm finally getting some answers and I feel good about finally seeing some clarity in my role and the next days.

So whats next for me you might ask?
Well today I'm packing and flying off to London. In london I will spend around one day and meeting a good friend of mine, Kristín. She was in AIESEC with me, in the career days team and now living in London.
After staying with her my plans are to take another flight. This time to Zurich where I will spend one hour waiting for my next flight that will take me to Sao Paolo in Brazil.

Brazil BABY!!
How unbelivebly exciting is that?

This all came very sudden. Last wednesday night I found out I was going, yesterday I bought all the things I need for my trip, and today I'm finalizing some work and packing as well as taking of to another country.

So now my stay in Iceland is over. Its been both extremly fun and unbelievely sad all at the same time for me.
Coming home for the reasons I did is not something that I want to try again. I miss my grandfather a lot and I also have gotten more and more closer to my family. For that I'm extremely grateful.

So I'm taking off but with a smile on my face. Even though my mom and my grandmother are nervous for me flying all this way by myself.
I will be great.
- with love and a smile -


Auður said...

ég verð bara hin íslenska Bridget Jones, all by myself... þið munið alveg eftir atriðinu!
ég bara skilin ein eftir í volæði. vona bara þið gleymið mér ekki hérna í góða veðrinu :-)

anisha said...

Love you so much :) Enjoy Brazil babe!!!! :)

annan said...

Til hamingju með afmælið!!!
Ég vona að þú fáir að upplifa alvöru brasilískt afmæli og það verði geggjað!!!
Have fun!!

Auður said...

til hamingju með afmælið!! vona að þú hafir það alveg ótrúlega gott þarna úti og að allir dekri við þig í dag :-)