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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surviving IC

I'm sitting at the office in Holiday inn, waiting for my next meeting and I can swear to you.. I'm dying :P.
Last nights party was amazing. WENA sure can Rock!!

I was not planning on staying to long since today is a very long day for me but when you came to the party everyone were in such a good mood and enjoying themselves and others very much that you couldn't leave.

The amount of alcohol was also very scary and I decided not to go to each country to try. So I chose selectively. ;)
Greece gave me Ouzo.
Denmark gave me Gammeldansk.
Sweden gave me Absolute Vanilla ( something I hadn't tried before )

Then of course we had Nordic circle where the nordic countries come together, sing, drink and share their emotions :P
There we shared Finnish Vodka and Malteese drink.
People were very colorful after two rounds of Nordic circle but it was so much fun.
I just love my nordic fellow AIESECers :)

now I'm trying to survive this day, all the meetings and be sociable with others. - man that is hard :P
-with love-


Marjam Vaher said...

Poor baby, I feel for you:)) As crazy as usually, miss your energy! Love from Tallinn!

Gunnfríður Katrín said...

Norrænihringurinn er geðveiki heyrist mér!!!