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Monday, August 11, 2008

Why am I so frustrated?

Another week has started with new tasks to work on, new people to meet and keeping in touch with friends.

Last week was great, I had a lot of work to do, may tasks and priorities to work on and I managed them all and then some. I see the week as being one of the most positive weeks since I started working in ER. But the ending of the working week was not all that pleasent.

I was looking forward to things that was then looked over related to work, my e-mails I feel like dont reach the reciever and it makes my tired and frustrated. So my overall view of the work weekend was killed. damn.
But then I decieded to not look at this and not work the whole weekend.

On friday I was in the mood to party and Anna and Auður came over for some drinks.
The evening was a an added value to the good week and I forgot the frustrations.

On Saturday there was a huge celebration. Gay pride walk and concerts down town and at least one third of the Icelandic population shows their support to the cause of gay people and their fight for their rights.
I decided to go with Auður and we had a great time seeing all the colorful people, all the different people and their families being so proud and happy.
There was a pure joy when you were standing there, you got swept into the mood and you just wanted to dance.
So I danced on the street - dont get me wrong. It was not something like out of the movies. It was just a small celebration dance :)

Then in the evening the girls came back to play card and drink some more..

Now I'm back at work, or should be, but the frustration is back and it's hindering me in actually wanting to sit down and plan this weeks priorities.
But I will try to overcome this and make sure I have some valuable things to do this week and the next one.
Because otherwise I'm gonna go crazy.

- with love -

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