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Saturday, August 30, 2008

end of the conference

This is the last day of the conference.
I'm tired and I have to admit I'm ready to leave. Somehow I just want to get back to Europe.

Tonight I'm going to Rio de Janeiro with bunch of people. I'm looking forward to that. I really want to see the statue of Christ there and then be on the beach and just relax and not do anything.

My flight back to Europe is on 8th September, I'll be flying to Portugal and then to London. So my arrival time in London is on 9th September. What a long trip.
But that's life of an AIESECer I guess.

this conference has given my a different insight into the organization, so I guess that the saying is true " you live, you learn".
Some has been great, some has been frustrating and some has been just painful.
But overall feelings of this conference is great. I enjoy my work and I enjoy the company of my team.
We are really a cool one !!
-with love-

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Auður said...

hafðu það gott í Rio elskan mín, og ef þú ferð á ströndina, viltu þá syngja lagið fyrir mig? hljómar miklu betur að hafa sungið lagið á sjálfum staðnum...
er búið að ákveða hvert ég á að heimsækja þig í vetur? vona að það fari nú allt að skýrast