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Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy birthday to me :)

So now I'm officially an adult - since yesterday was my 25th Birthday.

Now I have been in Brazil for 6 days already and I knew that my birthday would be interesting. But I could never have thought it would be so great as it was.

Yesterday was the start of the conference, meaning we had 110 countries present their culture and snacks for Brazilians and other AIESEC members. It was very interesting to participate since this year i really didn't have a country to present. So I could walk around, enjoying the people enjoying their first Global Village at IC. that was so cool.

Then in the evening we had so called opening Plenary where each and every country comes on stage to state their presence at the conference.
I was going to sing an Icelandic Children song with the Icelandic MC so we all went on stage. then we started to sing..
after the first line I felt Tomas, the MCP, pushing my forward and they started to sing happy birthday in Icelandic for me and then the whole plenary partcipated in english in the second round.
It was so AMAZING having around 700 people sing for you from over 100 countries. I dont think many people can say they have experienced that.

So my stay here in Brazil has been great.
The pre meeting was Awsome and I really love my team. I know we are going to make things happen this year.
I also am very happy to see the VPERs in WENA and how motivated and passionate they are.
Final thing that I'm thankful for is the change in the WENA spirit. WENA is finally enjoying themselves and letting go.
It make the region fun to be around with but still they are professional in all their work.

So cool news from me..
-with love-

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Auður said...

Ohhh frábært! Held það hafi bara enginn sungið fyrir mig.
Ertu annars búin að fá á hreint hvar þú munir búa næsta árið eða svo? Bara svo ég viti hvert ég eigi að bóka flug... hehe