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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dare to dream - It's worth it.

Press play and listen to the lyrics before reading the blog!

How did you like the lyrics?

I'm sitting at the office and minding my own work. I decided to listen to music while working and all of the sudden this song starts. I didn't know this song so I started to listen more closely.
And the lyrics just hit home.

Not everyone dares to dream. People are sometimes afraid ( I think ) to dream, to let their mind wonder around the opportunities out there.
I wish for everyone to dream. Like it says in the song "when you dream, it might come true".
And what a life we would have if we dream big and the dreams come true.

I love to dream. I'm a day dreamer as well. I never stop dreaming about what I want, what my life can be like, what great things I can do, How I can impact the world and my society.
I also dream about love, family, friends, success and happiness.
There is no dream not worth being a dream.

I know people that dont realize that they have dreams, they are hidden in their sub consciousness and dont dare to break through.
I know people that think they dont have dreams, that they are not to become anyone special or do anything specific.
I know people how are afraid to dream because they are afraid to fail to reach their dream.

To these people I ask - why is it better to live with no aspiration, no willing to be better person and no motivation do live the life you want, then to dare to dream and by one step at a time consciously walking a path towards smiles and satisfaction?
If you dream you wont fail. Dreams are not about success or failure. It's about motivation and aspiration.

So dare to dream. Dream big. We all deserve it! :)
- with love and dreams -


Gunnsý said...

Draumar eru nauðsynlegir. Líka þeir sem eru lakkrísrör hjúpaðir súkkulaði :P

Disa Skvisa said...

Algjörlega :)