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Friday, January 2, 2009

Summing up 2008 :)

It has been a tradition for me to roughly summing up my years and sharing with people. I’m gonna do my best now to sum up the year 2008, a year of loss, excitement and honestly not being happy sometimes.


I had my successor elected, my role as MCP is almost over.

I handed in my application for AIESEC International, a great big step for me.


My MC team held @INC. ( AIESEC Iceland National Conference) for our members and it was a huge success. We had great new members ready for AIESEC

Went to the Macedonia for IPM ( International Presidents meeting ) withTómas, the elected MCP for the term 0809.

I went through my selection process for AIESEC International and I learned a lot about me, my skills and ability.
I didn't get selected but I'm very glad at the moment.


I went to Bulgaria to meet Ali again after 8 months :) I also did some sightseeing around the country.

I flew off to Denmark to meet my friends and travelled around Denmark. I went to Århus, Odense and a little of Copenhagen. I had a great time.


My grandparents, Vera and Einar, celebrated their 145 years birthday ( 70+75 years ), it was great and a big family gathering.


Flew off to Sweden to attend ScaLDS agenda meeting.

I staied with my cousin Vera in Sweden and Janie from Slovakia came over to party with us. Great fun

I got selected to WENA GN Board as External Coordinator for the term 0809.


Went to Skagaströnd to party with my friends and I had serious fun.

I started the transiton with my successor and ended my MCP term.

I flew off to Rotterdam to start my tradition for the new role.

I met my WENA GN Board team members, Vincent, Anula, Helena and Kate.


Officially started my term as WENA ER Coordinator.

Went to Prague for the WENA/CEE Presidents meeting.

Had a GN Board transition and met my other GN Board family members from MENA, IGN, Africa, CEE and AP.

My grandfather, Einar, died. I flew off the next day to Iceland to grief and say my last goodbyes.


I stayed on Iceland since no one new where I should go. I was getting extremely frustrated

Went to Akureyri to party with Anna, Auður and Víðir.

I found out on 13th August that I was supposed to fly to Brazil on 15th August. it was stressful and uncomfortable but I managed.

I flew to London and met with Kristín Halla and her boyfriend Friddi and staied with them.

I flew from London to Zurich and Zurich to Sao Paulo for International Congress.

I had my birthday – big 25– and had 700 people singing the birthday song for me. That was AMAZING!!


I travelled around Brazil by my self. I saw Rio De Janeiro and Ilha Grande.

Flew off to my new home, Paris France.

Saw all the turist places in Paris, met my flat mades and started my term on full speed.


I went to Slovakia for EuroCo 2008 to deliver on a partnership.

I met Janie and she showed me around her capital city and her country.

I took a spontantious trip to Budapest, Hungary with very cool people. Just for one night.

I went to Copenhagen to meet Anna, Gunga and Auður. We had a great weekend and went to a concert with Bubbi.. What a let down!

I went to a CSR conference held my the European commission :)


I was invited to become a faci at SPARK 2008 in Evry. It was great.. I met some very cool people, Like Kris from Poland.

I went to Budapest for a Careers in Europe event and it was a big success. I stayed there for 2 weeks.


I took a seven hour bus ride to Prague where I was supposed to be a faci at CEE ER meeting but it got cancelled

I went to Belgium to another Careers in Europe event after a very emotional day that made me really want to quit my role.

Belgium was great!

Took a train to London and staied with Ira. I also met Emad after 1 1/2 year.

Flew home to Iceland and saw my family after 4 months. It felt so great!

Spent Christmas with family and friends.

Celebrated the New year again with family and friends and started the new year with a big smile. :)

So this was my year – mostly it was great, but there are events, people and situations that have also made this year very bad one.
When the new year has started I am going to try to make those people and these situations out of my life.. and make 2009 a great year.
As great as the first day was!

-with love-

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Auður said...

Það sem þú ert búin að upplifa á einu ári. Ég er svo stolt af þér elskan mín.
Vona svo að árið lofi eins góðu og byrjunin á því :)
Meina, það er ekki á hverjum degi sem maður eignast lítinn frænda...