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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My new precious!

This year is starting out as a big blessing to my life.
Yesterday I became richer then I have been.
My brother Hilmar, and his girlfriend HugrĂșn, had a baby boy - my little nephew :)

The little baby boy is one of the reasons why I decided to come home over the holidays.
my parents are grandparents for the first time and I'm a big aunt.
The baby came on time, thankfully for me, so I can spend more time with the boy.. making sure I have enough pictures, videos and good memories before I leave the country.
Oh man, even as I write this there are 11 days until I leave back to Paris, but I get tears in my eyes. I so do not want to leave this little boy.

To be honest, its strange. I'm the oldest but i'm the one still "living" at home, with no boyfriend and no sign of a child.
My younger brother beat me to moving out of the house, finding the person he loves and getting a cat and a baby boy.
It's not that I'm upset, not at all.
It's just strange to see how grown up he is.. my little baby brother :)

For me, I do not see these things happening for me in the near future.
I'm off to Paris in 11 days, then just making sure I get those 6 months to move fast!

-with love and smiles-

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