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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stepping outside my comfort zone!

So now I'm sitting in an AIESEC office in Copenhagen.
I came here last monday and I was freezing. But it's great to be back to Scandinavia. Here I always feel like home.
I also have so many friends here :)

I'm in Denmark because the MC team asked if I would be able to chair their national conference called ALTIUS.
Of course I said YES :)
That's an amazing opportunity.
Not only because I want the chairing experience or that Denmark is one of my favorite country but because I think the Danish team are my kind of people.
People that I can work with.
That makes the experience even better.

So Pre meeting is running smoothly so far, people are all working hard and I feel happy, honored and excited.
I have butterflies in my stomach, I'm enjoying this.

It's interesting how much stepping outside your comfort zone can be motivating when you are used to it.
I really feel challenged by this role but in a good way.
Taking challenges has been and will be my way to live life.

I'm still on the same page as my last post - I'm keeping my dreams alive and dreaming new things every day.
Today my dream is to make ALTIUS an amazing experience, to grow as a chair and a person and to meet my friends.
So I'm going to live my dreams!

-with love-

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