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Friday, January 9, 2009

Men are from Mars, Women from Venus?

Somethings keep reoccurring in my life, some random thoughts, actions or feelings.

I'm a big fan of a concept called love and hope, so those feelings and thoughts I keep on focusing on, I keep walking my way that I believe will lead me to a place where those two things are as well as other things I think are valuable.

my path to love has always been very challenging ;) to say the least.
many crossroads and dead ends that I have walked towards.
My so called dead ends have mostly not been of my fault, although I most likely had something to do in this matter.
But somehow I always choose the "wrong" individual to walk with.
hehe, I know it's silly to be writing about it but hey.. I dont mind.

I'm actually writing this post and about this topic because I was cleaning my room the other day and found a book that was given to me as a gift when I graduated from University.
It's small quotes from a famous book called He's just not that into you by Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo.
And I wanted to write some quotes that I find related to me and my experience, but in order to do so I wanted to make some connection to my life ;)

"Oh sure they say they're busy. They say that they didn't have even a moment in their insanely busy day to pick up the phone. It was just that crazy. Bullshit!
with the advent of cell phones and speed dialing it is almost impossible NOT to call you."

"unless he's all yours, he's still hers."

"I know. Every two weeks, once a month, seeing someone, having a little love and affection may help you get through the day or the week or the month - but will it help you get through the lifetime?"

"We were all beautiful, smart, funny women, and we shouldn't be wasting our time figuring out why a guy isn't calling us"

"if the guy you're dating doesnt seem to be completely into you, or you feel the need to start "figuring him out," please consider the glorious thought that he might just not be that into you. And then free yourself to go find the one that is"

Here it is.. some quotes that I found in the book that I wanted to share here.!!
If you want more, leave a request in the comment box ;)

-with love-

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