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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Travel experience

Written 19.01.09
Sitting at the St. Pancrass international, all rained down and still an hour to go until I step up in the train on my way to Paris.
My adventure is continuing.

I‘m here way to early but I didn‘t want to risk being late since I wasn‘t sure how long the bus ride would take me. People are getting ready to board the train that leaves before mine, I‘m on the next one.

During this whole travel that started yesterday at 14.00 GMT, I have been thinking. I was utterly unsatisfied with all logistical aspects of my role, the way some people dont communicate and financial uncertainty killing me but still I’m ready to go back and try one more time.
I want to believe that this time will be better for me, I’m ready to give it a chance.

Written 20.01.09

When I arrived in Paris I took the metro to the office, I was more then ready to get the key and jump home for a shower and unpacking.
But I got locked outside the office and I had to wait for 45 minutes. It was getting cold and it started to rain but thankfully some dudes working in the basement had to get out for smokes and let me in the next door.
Then thankfully some guys working at the office finally came and let me in.
But then another problem came up.

I was locked outside the apartment as well. So I had to stay at the office until 22.00.
I was so tired when I finally arrived to the apartment last night, especially after climbing to the 4th floor with my heavy suitcase.

So I’m back in Paris.
Let’s see how this time goes.

-with love-

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Auður said...

Je ne regrette rien...
lífið er leikur :) á meðan þú gerir þitt besta áttu bara að vera sátt. ja eða telja niður dagana í klakann :)