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Sunday, February 1, 2009

from me with gratitude.

It's very interesting how fast you get attached to people and things that have positive impact on you.
Today is the last day of ALTIUS 2009, AIESEC Denmarks national leadership and election conference and I'm having mixed feelings about leaving. This conference has really given me an experience I didn't expect and I hadn't had before.
first of all, being chair is hard but fun if you are well prepared. I personally think I was as prepared as I could have been but I also got a lot of support from the Faci team in making sure I was on track.
All this coordination, communication, keeping energy up, smiling, preparing sessions and supporting the OC team is challenging but in such a good way that I would not hesitate to do it again. Not by a longshot!

Then the next point of why I have mixed feelings about this conference to end - The people!
The Faci team welcomed me with open arms and there was a very big team bonding and team spirit. It sertainly improved this experience for me.
The delegates also set their mark on my experience. I did't expect Danes to be so open, sharing and plain cool :)
But they are.
And the fact that they let you know if you are doing a good job, also means a lot to me.
There were plenty of times when I walked away from a conversation with a smile because the delegates told me I was doing great. It means a lot.
During the conference I feel also a special bond with few individuals. Without those people I dont think this conference would have been half as good as it has been.
Two of those individuals are Anna and Gunga, two of my best friends.
They are non-AIESECers but have been following my experience since from the beginning. They know by now few names, roles and movements but that's about it when it comes to their AIESEC knowledge.
They actually took time out of their schedule to come to Nyborg and see my AIESEC environment and show their support.
I dont think they realize how much that actually means to me.

So as I'm sitting, reflecting and wondering how this conference will end, I have a smile on my face.
I'm so thankful for the danish MC team to invite me to chair because this was an experience I needed in my background, I was able to come to denmark and really be challenged in my working environment.
I love it!
So now I'm going to do my job, close this conference and start heading back home to Paris, one more experience richer then I was a week ago!

- with love -

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Gunnsý said...

Vúhú :D
Danmörk er æði og varð betri þegar þú varst hérna :) Þú stóðst þig greinilega ógeðslega vel miðað við það hvað brosið á Daniel var stórt í dag þegar við hittum hann :D Þú ert frábær og gerir allt vel sem þú tekur þér fyrir hendur :D
Hlakka til að sjá þig, hvenær sem það verður :)