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Monday, November 30, 2009

November holds my hand into Special times

Last day of the month again and this day feels better than many other end of the month days.
November was mild, both in weather and also in feelings. I look back with smile and look forward to December.
Motivation has been low, my current path has been questioned and reflected upon, my self esteem has been shattered, my feelings have been mixed but still... It's been balanced I believe.
Good things have happened, friends visited, Copenhagen explored and feelings rekindled.
November has seen drama, frustrations, smiles and laughters.. But that should all months include.
Or at least that's my opinion!

So as December starts, one of my favorite month, November leads me into the new month with smile. What more can I ask for?

Christmas season is arriving and I cant be happier with that. I do believe Christmas brings the best out in my family, and I love sharing these special times with them.
But what is also exciting this year is the fact that I will experience Danish Christmas as well. That for me is priceless as well.
As much as I love my own traditions I do love learning new things as well, see how others celebrate these special times and how they enjoy life.
I love it.

Why is Christmas time so special for me?
I somehow feel people become more possitive, smile more and share their life, love and experiences. I believe and feel people want to be with me, they want to make me smile and they want me to make them smile.
It's time of family and family is one of my values. A value I want to nurish and attend to. It makes me smile.
That's what Christmas means to me!
I love being home.
I can not wait to go home and feel this again.
I miss it!

- with love -

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